Hooray for Summer!

Congratulations to all the kiddos for their hard work this year and a big giant THANK YOU to all the parents for your support this year. I’m so proud of the growth that each student has made.

I hope that you all have a relaxing and fun-filled summer with your kids. Take advantage of the downtime to try new activities with your kids. Summer is the perfect time to try to expand your child’s interests.

Don’t forget about the importance of a simple visual schedule to ease the anxiety of transitioning into summer and back into school (or any “different” time like vacation). Here’s a link to a post about working through transitions with a printable calendar. 

When the summer doldrums hit, here are the some resources for
fun activities in the Austin area.
Click here for a comprehensive list (free & not so free)! 

Click for  lists of free summer activities!

If you would like to see your child be able to complete more writing on the computer, summer is a great time to have them work on developing keyboarding skills. Check out this post for links for keyboarding games.

Summer is also a good time to work on basic personal care and safety skills like shoe tying and  learning their parent names, addresses, and phone number. Here’s a link to a post with shoe tying visuals.

In mid-August, I will touch base with each of you to see how your summer has been and send you a social story and picture of your child’s teacher for next year. We will also set a meet the teacher visit when it is quiet and chaos-free.

Have a wonderful summer vacation!

p.s. I’ve started a SCORES wishlist page on the sidebar. If you have a moment, check it out! If you can keep your eyes open for small items for the treasure box, that would be great! When my kids were younger, I was famous for swiping those discarded Happy Meal toys from the floorboard of the car to recycle in the treasure box! Any freebie can be a good wishlist item (keychains, pens, pencils, sticky notes, toys, etc).  Wish List


Autism Social Skills Class through Austin Dog Alliance

I wanted to share some information about a cool opportunity for a social skills class for kids with Autism through the Austin Dog Alliance. They offer a “K9 Club” for kids ages 8-16 that teach them to work with dogs in various ways that support social skills goals. For more information, go here.