How To Teach Your Child To Pause & Think

Dear Parents,
Here is a good article written by parenting coach, Dan Perdue, at about how to teach your child to respond to a signal word. A signal word can be a valuable tool to help your child pause during a tantrum or emotionally charged moment and remember his goal of making good behavioral choices.

I encourage you to take a look at this short article and decide if this is something you would like to teach at home. Click here to view the article Pause the ADHD Outburst.


Calming Sequence for the Cardinalsaurs

The Cardinalsaur group has been working on learning a basic 3 point scale for emotional regulation and how to use the visual cue for the Turtle Technique to calm. The 3 point scale is a modified version of Kari Dunn Buron’s 5 Point Scale technique. The kids learn to identify their feelings and then take steps to move to a calmer level. Once they are at a calmer level, they can begin to problem solve with adult help.

The Turtle Technique comes from the book Tucker Turtle Takes Time to Tuck & Think by Rochelle Lentini. A Powerpoint that contains the scripted story can be found at

The Turtle Technique contains 3 calming steps.
1. Stop and keep your hands, feet, and yelling to yourself.
2. Tuck and take 3 deep breaths. (Some students physically tuck their heads inside their shirts, sit under a piece of furniture, or in a calm corner. Other students just close their eyes or lay their head down on the desk).
3.  Think of a way to solve your problem and make yourself feel better or ASK FOR HELP.

Feel free to print the image to use at home. It is also available under the calming tools page on the sidebar. Ask your child to teach you how to tuck and use the Turtle Technique. Please praise and reinforce your child whenever he or she attempts to use the technique instead of tantrumming at home. 

Please let me know if you have any questions!